Hey, welcome to my little space on the internet! Lately I just really like to talk about books, but I'll throw in the occasional beauty, travel, or random favorites post as well. I grew up in the midwest, but now call the DC area home & love to share all things DC as well. I'm mildly obsessed with updating my Goodreads page, and can be found constantly checking on the status of my library holds. I think most things in life can be related to a Friends reference, and I don't mind watching You've Got Mail on repeat for days in a row.

likes: libraries. museums. books. board games. writing. john 14:27. red, white, and blue everything. new york. warm & sunny days. listening. braids. aquariums. you've got mail. spring & summer. blair waldorf's wardrobe. sparkling water.

I hope you'll find a little bit of happiness and inspiration as you read along.

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