Carly Reads here | january 2016

Fates & Furies | I have so many feelings about this book! I had requested it only after seeing the cover popup everywhere-- not based on a recommendation. The story is told from two points of view, with two very different perspectives. It's about marriage, secrets, and things not appearing how they look on the outside.

I was torn between 3 and 4 stars. In one sense I hated it, but at the same time it amazed me. The first half, fates, tells the story of the husband, Lotto. I thought this part would never end, there were a lot of characters introduced and I had a hard time keeping track of everyone, plus the story jumps around a lot. But then you get to furies- which is told from the wife's perspective and everything made so much more sense. It almost (but not really) made me want to go back and read the first part over again. There was a lot more darkness than I was expecting and it left me feeling sad and not totally sure on whether or not it's something I would recommend. Groff is an amazing writer and I was continually amazed at how it was possible for her to keep so many things straight, especially from two different perspectives.
The Girl on the Train | I finally read The Girl on the Train. In case you're one of the few remaining people who still hasn't read it, it's one of those books where every single character is so flawed in a million ways and you have a hard time liking any of them. I thought it was just about a random girl on a train who witnesses something happening to two strangers-- it turns out (and I don't think this is a spoiler) she's actually connected to them and I think she would have possibly ended up involved even if the train wasn't in the whole equation-- but that's just my take on it. Suspense-wise it's really good though and there got to a part in the middle where I couldn't stop reading.

I'm really excited because I just got All The Light We Cannot See from the library! I can't even remember when I started to read it the first time, but basically it took me forever to get into (plus, I think it's kind of a long one?), but I got to almost the very end, but my library loan ended before I could finish it. I should have just purchased it right after, but I wasn't sure how much I liked it so I didn't want to buy a book I wasn't 100% loving. Of course I had no idea it would take months to get it from the library again, and I'll probably have to start all the way back at the beginning. What are you looking forward to reading?

CBH BEST OF (2015) beauty

Just like that we've already reached 2016! I'm looking forward to the new year ahead but wanted to start with my favorite beauty products from last year. I realized I didn't try out that many new products, but there were definitely some favorites (new and old) that stood out, and I thought linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites was the perfect time to share.  

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