BIGLAW: a review

You know when you read a book and then the day or so after you finish it you find yourself thinking about the characters, and then you get sad when you remember you finished the book? That was how I felt about BigLaw by Lindsay Cameron. There was a pretty big gap in when I started the book, and read the first few chapters, and then eventually finished the book in one setting. It wasn't because I wasn't into it at the beginning, for whatever reason I just didn't find the time to pick it up again right away. A huge thank you to BookSparks for providing me with the book to review as a part of the Fall Reading Challenge. 

You can read the full synopsis on Goodreads, but basically it's about a woman working in one of the huge New York law firms. It reminded me a little bit of Suits, but more realistic. I definitely kept picturing Lewis Litt as one of the characters in the book. The story follows Mackenzie as she navigates working for demanding partners, keeping up friendships and her relationship, and competitiveness in the firm.   

I enjoyed every bit of it, but it was completely predictable from pretty early on. There was a lot of obvious foreshadowing, but that didn't take away from the suspense of how everything would play out in the end. The book really kept up at a great pace that kept you wanting to know more. Lindsay Cameron is a former lawyer, so I imagine a lot of the characters and things that happened were from her personal experience. I really enjoyed her voice and would love to see something else from her in the future!

What have you read recently? Any new recommendations? 

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Thoughts on Blue Apron 21 Meals Later

I can't even begin to tell you how long ago I meant to write this post. A lot of the time, not having photos is what holds me up, but I had plenty of food photos from our Blue Apron meals, I just couldn't sort out how I wanted to talk about everything I guess. But here I am, finally sharing our experience using Blue Apron for 7 weeks.

Dear Blog, I miss you.

TGIF! I really miss this little space of mine and I miss reading other blogs, but will hopefully catch up soon. As expected October is flying by and I'm dreading the cooler temperatures and nighttime coming so much earlier. There is one thing I'm looking forward to, and am already trying to find on the DVR.... Snow Bride! And other holiday movies. 

[above photos] 
My nails were the longest they have EVER been... and then one broke and that was the end of that. I finally splurged on the original Naked palette after seeing Nadia's post on this look. So far sin, half baked, and naked are my favorite shades! I finally had to repurchase my foundation. I had been switching between the studio skin and NARS sheer glow (which I also love), but this one still looks the same after 12 hours. 
One day when walking across town, the quickest route took me right past the White House so I took a quick snap. Even though I don't find the White House that impressive anymore, it was a nice reminder to just stop and appreciate things in life, you know? Like it being normal to just quickly pass by the White House while rushing to lunch... The National Gallery of Art is probably my favorite museum in all of DC. It's one of my happy places and I think I could go every single day and never get bored (and the gift shops are epic!). Despite not knowing a ton about art, I love the architecture and browsing the American galleries (the  French Impressionism is a close second) and. Allies Day, May 1917 (shown below) is probably my favorite painting of all. 
 [photos below] 

That about wraps up some pretty random thoughts/favorites today! I hope you guys all had a good week and have a wonderful weekend.


Merry October II

I'm sure I'll be the millionth person to say this today but I really can't believe it's already October. Part of me feels like I was just writing this post from last year. I'm not looking forward to the weather being in the 50s this weekend, but hopefully it's just a cold spell. Just a few random things that have been on my radar that I thought I'd share in this post. And randomly, two books that always make me think of this month Anne of Green Gables and Attachments. Highly recommend both! Linking up with Joey for Stuff & Things.

1. Athleta Petite Length Tights/Leggings: I got these in the spring for my birthday and then it got too hot so I never really had a chance to wear them until recently, but they are the most amazing leggings + they're petite length so no weird scrunching at the bottom! I have a pair of the relay tight (here) and I think the other pair are the cozy drifter (similar), but I got them on a major sale and I don't think they make them anymore which is a shame because I love the pocket placing. Athleta is part of the Gap/Banana/Old Navy company so definitely watch special promos or check the sale section for new markdowns.

2. Old Navy Flannel Boyfriend Shirt: this is a shirt that I kind of want to buy a second one just in case something happens to the first. It's definitely oversized and probably not very flattering, but it's so comfortable-- I may have wore it twice in one week already.

3. We went apple picking over the weekend, so I'm freshly stocked with apples to make pies and crisps and cobblers and all of my favorite fall desserts.

4. I have still been (on and off) obsessively watching Gossip Girl, so I'm loving this Trendy Sparrow mug I got a few weeks (or months?) ago when she was having a sale. (reviewed a window opens in this post)

5. YSL Black Opium: I received this from Influenster to review and was so excited because I love a few of the YSL colognes, but this perfume is not for me! It's WAY too sweet & strong-- so I will be giving it to a friend to hopefully enjoy. It oddly reminds me of Bath & Body Works warm vanilla sugar, which is another scent that instantly gives me a headache. The fragrance notes are coffee accord, orange blossom, cedar wood essence, and patchouli essence. Also, wasn't crazy about the bottle design-- just not my style, I guess.

What have you been binge watching lately? Have you tried the new Black Opium fragrance by YSL? Are you a fan of apple things or do you prefer pumpkin? 
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