Recent Purchases

This is just a roundup of a few products I picked up over the winter months and wanted to share. Some of them were instant gems-- others not so much.


Four Hits & One Miss

Another week of the year has quickly passed us by! I'm so thankful the weekend is here and am looking forward to enjoying some of the cherry blossoms this weekend. Spring is my favorite season-- especially spring in DC. I've had a few good finds recently so I thought I would share them in today's post!

1. I have a ton of bathing suits pinned on my wishlist board, and this is one I never would have picked had I only seen it online, but I saw it walking through Lord & Taylor a couple of weeks ago and loved it. My only hope is that the orange color doesn't bleed onto the cream crochet.

2. I had to return a shirt at Forever 21 (on a Saturday when the line was practically weaved throughout the entire store) and didn't want to be left with a store credit so I quickly picked up these shorts and was amazed at how nicely they fit-- and they actually seem like quite nice quality for F21. The good thing about being short is that they still come down to just about my fingertips, so they're not inappropriately short. Now just to get my legs into shorts shape!

3. I've had my eye on this Bauble Bar necklace for the past few months so when I saw it was on sale + an additional 20% off I scooped it up right away. It's hard to tell from the photo, but there's a really tiny crescent moon on the chain.

4. I was searching high and low for the perfect summer chambray and finally Target came through with the perfect option! I wanted one that was more relaxed, but all of the ones I tried were way too baggy through the body.

and the miss....

5. I'm not a huge Body Shop fan, but I've wanted to try their Vineyard Peach Scrub for ages-- how good does that sound like it would smell? When I was running low on my other scrub and they were having a sale I ordered it only to be so disappointed! It kind of smelled like peach, but more like cardboard. Aside from the scent, I didn't think it was all that great anyway, but I figured I would use it up since I had it.... that was until I dropped the entire thing, upside down, and over half of it literally went down the drain. I was upset and a little relieved all at the same time.

Have you discovered any new favorites while shopping recently? Any great scrub recommendations?

Also, I ended up taking actual pictures of everything but didn't end up having time to upload them before I wanted this post to go up- this week has been a little crazy. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Spring Wish List

Happy Wednesday! I thought I would put together a little spring wish list that could double as a birthday wish list. My birthday is at the end of the month and my mom has been asking me for the past three+ months what I want so I wanted so I figured this was the perfect excuse to put together a little wish list.

Champagne & Strawberry Embroidered Shift Dress: There are actually like a dozen dresses from SMU that I would love to appear in my closet, but I love the colors and detailing in this one.

MUFE Pro Sculpting Duo in Golden: This bronzing duo seems to be getting a lot of hype since it was released. It's a gorgeous bronze and highlight that can be used separately or mixed together- so pretty for summer!

Smashbox Crush on Blush Palette: The Smashbox Blush Rush in chiffon is my favorite blush of all time, so a little palette with four other blushes plus a bronzer and highlight looks amazing.

Steve Madden Picnicc Sandal: I usually try and stay away from ankle straps because I really don't need anything cutting my legs, but these are nude so I don't think they would be too bad-- plus I love the low wedge!

MAC lipstick in crosswires, fanfare, see sheer, creme in your coffee, or shy girl.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss in Pink Lady: I recently rediscovered an old Smashbox lip gloss (that they don't make anymore) and it is so good, I can only imagine these are just as good- if not better. I've been on a lip gloss kick in general lately and have about 8 on my to try list!

Jack Rogers Lauren Sandals: I've never considered myself a Jack Rogers girl but I can't stop thinking about how versatile these sandals would be this summer...

Beach Walk Rollerball: This was in my favorites post last month- it smells amazing and I've been dreaming of it ever since I used up my sample.

Athleta Metro Legging or Relay Tight: I've been on the hunt for a pair of running tights that come in petite lengths. I don't want a capri length, but I also don't want like 5 extra inches of material bunched up at my ankles. Any other suggestions? 

What's on your radar for spring?

The One With the Map

make your own map here
A couple of weeks ago Kristen wrote a post about the states she's visited and it got me thinking about my own US travels. As I got to the end of filling in the states I've visited, I kept thinking this can't be it-- there's no way I really haven't been to more places! It's true, the furthest west I've been is Iowa City! I didn't count states I've driven though or airport cities, and I'm pretty sure I visited Texas and/or Oklahoma when I was a baby, but I didn't count those either.

After the visual of seeing where I haven't been I really had to stop and remind myself how blessed I am to have been to so many places. When we constantly see people talking about travel it's easy to compare, but reality is there are so many people who never travel anywhere- either by choice or circumstance.

These places at the top of my new-places-to-visit list....

The Northeast (Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine) | This is probably the most realistic for our next adventure somewhere new because it's technically in driving distance.

Seattle and/or Portland | Or San Francisco-- really anywhere in the Northwest. Where would you recommend of the three?

San Diego | My husband has been and he swears I would love it. Beach and pleasant weather year-round? I'm pretty sure I would love it too.

Mount Rushmore (South Dakota) | While I don't foresee us ever really being in the area to see Mount Rushmore, it's a place I would love to visit one day.

Hawaii | This is one that I'm not sure will ever happen because it's so far away. We're much closer to the Caribbean (or Mexico) so thinking of traveling somewhere tropical usually means one of those two places-- closer (shorter flight!) and less expensive will probably always win, but if it was ever an option I would love to visit Hawaii.

Are you a big traveler? Do you stick to places you know and love, or do you prefer to explore new places?

March Favorites 2015

It's already the end of month so I'm linking up with Mia and Kelli to share a few things I've been loving recently.

I'm a new tea drinker, and I think this green ginger tea might be my all-time favorite so far. On the subject of tea, I finally purchased a kettle we found at Home Goods, so that has also been a favorite.

In case you missed this foundation post, I'm still loving the Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation. I've recently been applying it with my fingers instead of a brush (#lazy) and I love the lighter coverage it gives.

The Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm made an appearance in my March and November favorites last year, but I'm mentioning it again because it's that good. My lips were insanely chapped all winter, and aside from regular vaseline this lip balm was the only thing that gave them any relief. I tried the rose & mandarin version and didn't like it nearly as much as the strawberry.

I love perfume samples, but rarely remember to use them, so I made it a habit to start using them up this month. I'm in love with Beach Walk- as I'm sure you can imagine, it smells like the beach in the best way possible. I've loved the Daisy Dream perfume bottle ever since it came out, but using the sample of the fragrance sold me on it even more- I would love a full-size of either of these fragrances!

Season 2 of Fixer Upper was just as good as the first and it's definitely one of my favorite shows to watch weekly. I can almost guarantee it will make you want to move to Texas so you can visit Magnolia Farms and have Chip and Joanne design your dream house.

I loved so many blog posts this past month but one that stood out was Lindsay's post on writing what you want when it comes to blogging and how important it is to not let other people make you feel like your posts aren't good enough or deep enough to be considered good blog posts. She also has a ton of really great beauty posts!

What have you been loving this month? Any new or old favorites?

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