Thankful Thursday (Easter Reflections)

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. I have so many happy memories that I associate with this time of the year. Easter egg hunts, dying Easter eggs, my mom's coconut bunny cake, fun Easter baskets, vacations in Florida. While none of those things are the reason for Easter, they're fun traditions that hold really happy memories for me. So you can imagine my surprise (read horror) when my husband mentioned that he had never had an Easter basket, dyed eggs, or had a proper Easter egg hunt!

As my family is in Michigan and his family is a bit spread out everywhere, we've always celebrated Easter just the two of us. In the past we've gone to the sunrise service at the Lincoln Memorial, which is pretty amazing, followed by going out to brunch.

This year we changed it up a little bit by going to our own church for the Easter service and making brunch at home together. I really enjoyed our service because it was a celebration but there was still a strong message and teaching to the service.

I made french toast sticks and we had mimosas and for being away from family it was the perfect Easter sunday. (french toast recipe coming tomorrow!)

My radishes appear to be growing strong two weeks in and the zucchini are just starting to pop up so I'm crossing my fingers both will continue to grow!

And I'm throwing in one random blurry picture from the night before when we went out to dinner with good friends. It was a great weekend overall!

What are you thankful for? Make sure to check out my co-hosts Mia, Katie, and Kristal!

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Thankful Thursday


  1. Love the picture... even if it is a little blurry - that adds personality :)

    OH MYGOSH... those French toast sticks look AMAZING!! & I don't even like French toast. But I think I'd like those... yum yum!

  2. You are so beautiful! Looking forward to that recipe! Emily loves frech toast! Glad you had a fabulous Easter even away from family..! :)

  3. I am so looking forward to the french toast sticks recipe!! Love the photo of you guys - even if it is blurry!!

  4. I can't wait for the french toast recipe, it looks delicious! Thanks for letting me link up for my first Thankful Thursday!

  5. You guys are a beautiful couple! Girl, I am so looking forward to that recipe. It looks amazing!

  6. You look beautiful in that last picture! Looks like you had a great week and a nice Easter. Your french toast looks divine ... looking forward to the recipe.

  7. Mmm... that french toast looks amazing! And damn girl.... y'all are SUCH a hot couple!

  8. Aw. Congratulations on your veggies growing! I'm all about growing your own veggies, but I have yet to do it myself ( oops!). I'm glad you had a great Easter! :)

  9. You guys look so great! Your hair looks amazing! I can't wait for that french toast recipe, yummm! I want to add an Easter sunrise service at the Lincoln Memorial to my bucket list :)

  10. Sounds like an incredible Easter weekend with starting new traditions together! Last year I had learned some similar things about my boyfriend and I made sure that we did all those things throughout the weekend. Which I of course love much like you! Happy Thursday!

  11. You and your husband are adorable! Those french toast sticks sound AMAZING. I can't even remember the last time I had french toast... might need to change that. :D

  12. Perfect Easter in my book! Can't wait for the French toast recipe. And you and your husband need to be Gap models asap. Ya'll are too cute!

  13. You two are such a hot little couple!!!!!
    I'm anxiously awaiting the French toast recipe! hahaha

  14. Jealous of your garden! And french toast sticks? Yum!


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