thankful thursday

My mom sent me a very early birthday gift, and even though I knew she was sending it, it was still such a nice surprise to get something in the mail.

If you saw my March Favorites post yesterday, you know I love the bath & body works clementine candle. I got this candle at Home Goods for like $6 on clearance after Christmas, and it smells amazing.

I've named this pasta, "the best pasta ever". One night we had nothing to eat, so my husband just used what we had and literally came up with the most delicious pasta I've ever had! I've been bugging him for a recipe, but he claims it's just using things in the pantry!

I get embarrassingly excited when Rita's has the pear flavor italian ice, because it's literally the best thing in the world. I want to buy it by the quart whenever they have it because it's that good!

On Monday I listened in on a google chat with two of my favorite authors Megan McCafferty & Sarah Dessen. I dream of being a writer (one day), so it was a lot of fun to "chat" with them for a bit.

So whether your week has been good or bad, I hope this post will remind you to stay grateful :)


  1. Oh no, so sorry to hear about the root canal! I dread the dentist, too - not a fun place AT ALL! So fun to get birthday packages and that Italian ice looks delicious! Hope you're having a better day today :)

  2. Glad you didn't skip out ;) So sorry to hear about the root canal, bummer! What a great birthday package from your mom, love that. Hope today goes better than yesterday girl!

  3. Yay for fun surprises in the mail! And happy *almost* birthday! I love Sarah Dessen! She lives by me and I actually ran into her at the airport last fall. Life = made! I'm sorry you had a lousy day yesterday--but yes--you're right! All the more reason to list what you're thankful for!

  4. Pear flavored Italian ice?! That sounds HEAVENLY!

  5. Sorry to hear about your crappy day yesterday - and a root canal is definitely not what you want to hear - but it'll be painless!! Love the sweet gift from your mama and that pasta does indeed look delicious! Happy Thursday - we're almost to the weekend!

  6. To bad there's no recipe for that pasta! I love pasta! Boo for a lousy day but at least you were still able to see some positives!

  7. So sorry yesterday was crappy (when it rains it sho'nuff pours!). The good news about root canals is they're NOT bad at all so don't worry! And goodies in the mail always make things better :)

  8. Sorry about your rough week Carly. Hopefully the root canal goes smoothly and you are better soon.
    Packages in the mail always brighten my days! Moms rock! :)

    I want to try that slushie! Looks so good!

  9. So sorry about your detest appt! :( and your lousy day yesterday. <3

    I absolutely love these posts so I'm glad you didn't end up skipping!

    I hopefully can link up soon like we talked about!! :))

    Hope your day today is better than your day yesterday!

  10. Ohhh I love Sarah Dessen's books! Yay for birthday packages :)

  11. Pear Flavored?!?!? I don't know how it tastes, but its pretty :)
    Nothing like getting surprises in the mail - never get too old for that.

  12. Sorry yesterday was so crummy - hope today is awesome for you!!
    YAY for mail surprises - those are the best
    Happy Thursday <3

  13. Sorry you had an off week! We've all been there - mine was last week. Don't stress too much about your root canal - I've had two, and then I had root canal therapy last year on one of the teeth because the root canal was not done properly years ago. I promise you it's not that bad - they will numb you up nice and good. And, if you still feel something, just raise your hand and they will give you more medicine.

    I also love Sarah Dessen! That is neat that she hosted a Google + hangout.

    Hope you have a better weekend!

  14. It's so true that those little (bad) things can add up quickly & weigh you down so fast!! Glad yesterday is over for you! I'm sorry you need a root canal!! :( I can't wait to one day read your book(s)! :)

  15. The tough weeks are the best times to sit and think about what we are thankful for..! The dmv stinks..!!! And I understand your feelings about the dentist..! I get so anxious about it.. I had a root canal a few months ago and not only was it super expensive but the thought of it was not a good one. It was a lot better than I thought..! Good luck with your apt, it'll go so fast!

    1. So happy to hear the root canal wasn't as bad as you thought! I'm feeling much better hearing other people have had good experiences with them :)

  16. I totally feel your pain toward going to the dentist. I used to literally shake in my chair when I was little, during cleanings, no less! I hope your appt. is pain-free and quick!

    That Josie Maran set looks so nice, too!

  17. Getting packages in the mail, care packages, is one of the best feelings in the world :) Just knowing how loved you are that you are on someone's's awesome

  18. I know what you mean with the dentist. They are one of my worst nightmares, and I feel nervous about going in for a cleaning too. I've had a couple root canals last year and it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.. but then again, I was prepping for the absolute worst. I'm glad that you can still remind yourself of the good things even during bad weeks. :)


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