Fashion Favorites (2014 Oscars)

There's something so fun about watching red carpet events & award shows-- especially the Oscars! I will admit that the red carpet coverage was pretty painful to watch at times. I wasn't wowed by too many of the looks last night, but it was still entertaining to watch!
Here are a few of my favorite looks from the night:

Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace
I didn't even really notice Kate on the red carpet-- however when she presented it easily became my favorite dress of the night. I think it had something to do with the fact that she lost the cape/shaw when she was on stage-- not to mention she looked completely flawless!

Anna Kendrick in J. Mendel
I know most people disliked her dress but I actually love the top & the back. The bottom is a little bit too much with the ruffles and all, but it was definitely a dress that stood out to me & I liked the tiny pops of red.

Lupita Nyong'o in Prada
I'm sure you've seen her dress a thousand times by now, the color really is beautiful and love how flowing and effortless it looks! Her acceptance speech for winning best supporting actress was so sweet! Definitely happy for her-- and what a huge accomplishment to get an Oscar for your first film!

[images from huffingtonpost]

I love Julia Roberts and thought she looked incredible but sadly I was not feeling her dress at all, so that was a little bit disappointing. I was also a little bit bored with Emma Watson's dress, but thought she looked amazing overall!

I was definitely sad Leo didn't win for best actor-- although I admit, I haven't seen any of the movies in that category yet! And from how many awards Gravity won it sounds like I need to see that movies asap!

I don't know very much about how hollywood works or what goes into making a film, but there's something about watching the Oscars and seeing all the different categories and people involved that inspires me. I'm not sure if it's because I consider myself more of a behind the scenes type of person, but I like hearing about the editing, and screenplay, and set designs.

Anyway, did you watch? Who were your picks for best dressed? What are some of your favorite movies that were nominated?


  1. I love the back of Anna's dress too! So pretty!

  2. I too was really impressed with the back of Anna's dress...the rest however not really!! I liked a lot of the color choices and thought that they really did a great job wearing black on the carpet - which apparently they always try to stay away from!! I thought Charlize Theron looked stunning last night!

  3. I loved Lupita's dress. She has been one of the best dressed throughout awards season. Also, I have to admit, I still have NO DESIRE to see Gravity... it just gives me nightmares thinking about it.

  4. Oh yes, Kate Hudson KILLED it in that dress! Sandra Bullock was another one of my favs...I just thought she looked so glamorous and classic, very Old Hollywood.

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  5. All the ladies were so gorgeous right? It was so hard to just choose one!

  6. They were so stunning, I think Lupita was definitely a favorite for everyone!

  7. I loved Lupita's dress! She looks good in everything she wears, IMO. I didn't watch too much of the actual awards, but always enjoy seeing the fashion/beauty on the red carpet. Loved all the pretty, feminine gowns the women wore!

  8. Love, love Kate's whole look and Julia hasn't aged a bit it seems like. Totally didn't watch a second of the Oscars so I'm off to see the full list of winners asap!

  9. Kate Hudson is always one of my faves. I wish I could "be" her. Ha!

  10. I loved Pink's dress I mean she was a giant, flawless ruby slipper! Other than that, I think literally every single person I saw looked impeccable. It was weird because I feel like multiple people take weird risks each year but this time it was all class, all beautiful.

  11. Lupita looked amazing!!!! I also loved Kate Hudson.
    Did you see the pictures of lady Gaga from an Oscar party - she looked STUNNING!

  12. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I live in the DC area too, small world! As you know, I loved Lupita's dress and Kate Hudson was definitely on my best dressed list! I honestly wasn't wowed by many of the looks, either. It seemed like so many people went for really plain looks that just didn't stand out at all. I don't think this was Leo's year to win, but I hope he does soon because he's deserved it so many times! I'm like you, I consider myself a more behind the scenes type of person, so even though I love the fashion, I don't care for the red carpets and all that because what I love most are the awards that others consider boring!

    Ivy xx

  13. HI Carly! New follower here :) Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself... Loved the Oscars last night... enjoyed with some champagne and strawberries haha
    Hope you'll stop over and follow along with me too in south FL.


    The McGuire Family

  14. Kate Hudson looked flawless from head to toe last night! She really killed it. I wasn't a huge fan of Anna Kendrick's dress, but I do appreciate the fact that she took a risk and did something different.


  15. Kate Hudson looked AMAZING last night! I also loved Angelina Jolie (who I'm not usually a big fan of) and Sandra Bullock! I think the problem with Anna Kendrick's dress was that she was too short to pull it off. Seeing the dress on the runaway, it is gorgeous but I feel like there is just too much going on for her little frame! And I love Leo but I think this was MM year to win - he was sooo good in Dallas Buyers Club!

  16. Kate Hudson is always SO gorgeous!!! Lupito looked amazing, too! We haven't seen Gravity yet, either, but it's on our list. I think a date night is called for!

  17. lupita's dress was completely perfect! definitely my favourite. though mrs jolie did look gorgeous too!

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  18. I don't watch awards shows but I love seeing the clothes! Of these, Lupita is my favorite! Idk what movie she's from though...??

  19. Kate Hudson was easily my top pick once she took off the shawl.

  20. Lupita looks amazing! I can't stop looking at her dress. And Kate Hudson is a Goddess *swoons*.

    Lauren |


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