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I usually don't do monthly favorites because I never seem to have enough to share, but these past couple of weeks there were some products that I was loving so much I wanted to share!

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Anastasia Brow Wiz in soft brown ($21): I think I was one of the last people to get on board with this little pencil and I was honestly afraid it wouldn't live up to the hype but the first time I used it I was like, "OMG! This is magic!" My biggest fill-in area is the front of my brows, which can also be the hardest to keep a natural look, but some how a few swipes of this brow pencil and my brows look more full & natural! If I can convince my husband to take some pictures (of my brows, haha), I'll post a couple of before & after pictures.

Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in smitten ($8.99): Every time I wear this lip product I remind myself I want to try out other colors because I like it that much. It doesn't last hours and hours on your lips like some more expensive lip stains, but it does stain your lips and it's non-drying! I discovered smitten on Steph's blog back in the fall and it was an instant favorite that I rediscovered this month. As you'll see from the swatch it's much brighter than the tube, which makes it the perfect pop of color!

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in blunt ($18): I can't tell you how long I've had this eye shadow, but it's possibly my favorite shade ever. I've been wearing it over my bare study paint pot & it's gorgeous! It's a neutral color but it has gold/bronze in it that really brightens your eyes.

Jo Malone Cologne in english pear & freesia ($60): I shared this in an after-Christmas post, but I wanted to share it again because I can't get over how much I love it. I have a couple of other perfumes, but on "regular" days I tend to just wear a body spray-- with this fragrance that isn't the case-- I want to wear it every day! The scent makes me happy & it's one that lingers on the skin all day.

Origins Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub ($29): I got this scrub as part of a late Christmas gift and am so thankful I did! This is a product I would have never tried on my own and the smell alone is amazing-- it's citrus with a kick. It's a gentle scrub that still exfoliates & leaves your skin feeling so nice and soft! There's a good chance the full size bottle of this will be making my wish list when I run out!

urban decay blunt
smitten & blunt

I'm getting back into eye shadow and even though I love blunt and have a few MAC shadows I love, I'm finally feeling the need for a new palette, so I need your help!

I'm leaning towards one of the naked palettes or the LORAC pro-palette. I've had good luck with the single UD shadows I own, and obviously all the hype speaks for itself, but something is also drawing me to the LORAC palette.

Do you own any of these palettes? 
Which is your favorite?
Is there another semi-neutral palette you love? 
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  1. I have heard so much about that brow filler just this week - I have never filled my brows, but I may have to give it a go after all the hype!


  2. I love the look of this eyeshadow! I like the Anastasia Brow Wiz, but I just find it takes ages to get my brows how I like them because the nib is so fine, so I reach for powder most days instead x

    Elissa | styleaffix.com

  3. Jo Malone has so many gorgeous scents - it's difficult to choose sometimes :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  4. I have the same UD shadow I use as a base - it's great!! And Origin's is great - I love all their moisturizers!!

  5. Well you already know I love the Brow Wiz, and Smitten is an all time fave of mine too! Oh man, I have all of the Naked palettes and the Lorac Pro one. I honestly don't know which one I would recommend more. They are all amazing.... You should go to Sephora with time on your hands and just play with each one. I think right now I am reaching for my Lorac Pro and Naked 1 palette the most, but I truly love them all!

  6. Blunt looks gorgeous- I'm such a fan of colors like that. I need to try that Anastasia brow pencil next time I go to Sephora! Every review I've read (including now yours) says it's fantastic.

    OK, so I'll definitely be trying to linkup this week. No excuse for the last few weeks... just totally slipped my mind and then I slapped myself later for it. ;) So excited!

  7. I have the Lorac palette and Naked 2 and while Lorac is nice, it doesn't even come close to the quality of the UD palettes. It costs a little more but since getting the Naked 2, I haven't used my Lorac even once! That ginger scrub sounds AMAZING!

  8. I don't have any eye shadow palettes but I would love to get one someday...sooner than later. That scrub sounds great, too!

  9. I have been dying to try Joe Malone cologne for years! I am so jealous of your ownership of a bottle. I also love that eyeshadow from Urban Decay - it's perfect for a natural look!

  10. The Revlon lip stain is such a gorgeous color!
    the way to my Hart

  11. I definitely want to try that lip stain and body scrub! Thanks so much for linking up with us and sharing your favorites from this month! I hope you find some new favorites next month so you can link-up again! :)

  12. Just Bitten balms are the best! I think I'm up to 5 now... they're addicting!

  13. i have a small version of that ginger scrub as well and love it too!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  14. I LOVE Revlon's balm stains! I'e been using the color "Honey" for the past two years and it's honestly the best "my lips but better" shade that's perfect for work! Great roundup :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  15. Jo Malone is my favorite perfume brand! the scents are amazing!


  16. I've really been wanting to try a balm stain but haven't known which one to choose! Next time I'm at the drug store, I will definitely have to check this one out :) Thanks so much for linking up with us - I hope you'll join us again for March!

  17. I need to try out this stain too. I have had terrible luck with stains...I just don't get great color payoff! Maybe this one will be the answer :)



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