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Last week I shared my new makeup storage so today I thought I would go through my current everyday makeup items.

L'Oreal True Match Lumi in N3: I'm going to start by saying this color doesn't match me quite right...I think I needed the W3 but I got it from target so there was no taking it back. I go back and forth on my feelings with this-- sometimes I like it and sometimes it makes my skin look way too oily. When my skin is having a dry day I'll sometimes reach for this over the clinique. It doesn't offer much coverage for blemishes but it blends easily and feels soft on the skin. If you have oily skin be prepared to powder and prime a lot when using this!

Clinique Stay Matte in creamwhip: I feel similar about this foundation-- meaning some days I love it and some I hate it but for the opposite reasons. This can be so drying and it clings to your skin the second it goes on-- making it really difficult to blend in. If you have any dry spots on your face this foundation will not be your friend. I like it because I don't always have to wear a powder and it has really good coverage for covering up blemishes and dark spots.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in sand: This is my favorite concealer ever! It works wonders on dark circles and is just what it says- creamy! I like that it's light enough that it brightens my under eyes but it's also dark enough that I can wear it on its own without looking crazy.

Benefit High Beam: I just love this highlighter! I was using watts up during the summer but I love using a liquid high light in the winter when my skin is a bit more on the dry side. I use this on my cheek bones and sometimes under my brows If you haven't tried this out I definitely recommend stopping by sephora and giving it a try!

MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter in light boost: This has lasted me FOREVER. It's literally the never ending product and for that reason alone I think it's worth the $25! I wear it under my eyes and along my nose and it does a really nice job lightening up that area.

Benefit Brow Zings in dark: Sometimes I skip my brows but when I want to fill them in a little bit I use this little kit. It contains a wax side and a powder side. I haven't had a ton of experience with different brow products but I find this is really easy to use (and forgiving) and gives you a nice natural look. I will say the wax tends to transfer if you don't set it with the brow powder or a face powder.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes: Fun fact...Lancome is the only brand of mascara I wear. Ever.  It's pricey but I could give you a million reasons why I think it's worth it (post coming soon!). This was my first time using the doll lashes formula and I wasn't that impressed at first but now that the product has dried out a little bit I am loving it-- it opens up my eyes SO much it's crazy. I love that the shape of the wand allows me to get in the corner of my eyes to really flip up my end lashes.

MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study: This is a really light beige cream eyeshadow. I'm a big fan of cream eye shadow in general and I don't find this one to be anything special but since I've been out of eye shadow primer I use this over my lids to cover up any discoloration I have on my lids.

MAC Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe: On the rare occasion I wear eyeshadow I use this in my crease and I love it-- it's a taupe (obviously) with a little bit of silver shimmer in it.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Blunt: This reminds me a lot of MAC's naked lunch-- but this is one of my all time favorite eyeshadows. It's probably the one I use the most and it's perfect to wear on its own! I'm not sure why I don't have any of the naked palettes because this is truly one of the best eye shadows I own!

Nars Cream Blush in Lokoum: So I'm 99% sure they don't even sell this anymore but it is one of my favorite cream blushes! It's a dark pink/red color with the slightest gold shimmer in it. It looks dark but it blends out so nicely and gives you the prettiest healthy glow & it lasts for hours!

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in berry bliss: This isn't pictured but I have been loving this and can't recommend it enough if you have try or sensitive skin. It feels so light and refreshing on the skin and even though the color looks dark it goes on really light and allows beautiful blending!

Make Up For Ever HD Powder: This is a gorgeous translucent powder-- I have the small size and the only issue I have with it is it's messy! I usually pour the product into the cap to use it, but it ends up all over everything. If you have oily skin I can't recommend this enough.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Bronzer: I picked this up at target when I was going through a talc-free phase. When I first used it I was alarmed at how shimmery it was but it's just the top layer that has shimmer on it for some reason. Sometimes I use this to contour (I actually don't know how to contour), but half the time I just lightly dust it all over my face-- I still haven't really figured out how much I like it.

*I'm completely out of my shadow insurance, otherwise that would be kept in here as well :)

What are your everyday makeup products for the winter months?


  1. I love Clinique and Urban Decay products! This winter I've really been focused on moisturizing and I've completely stocked up in that realm. Otherwise, my favorite products lately have been mascaras.


  2. I love my Garnier BB cream..! It's so refreshing on my skin..! Great picks..! I've heard wonders of the Clinique!

  3. I have to check out Urban Decay Blunt. MAC Naked Lunch is one of my all time favorite shades, so if you say it's anything like that, I'm sure it's beautiful!

    Also, I think you've finally talked me out of buying that L'Oreal foundation- I was on the fence for SO LONG but the fact that it doesn't last long is a deal breaker.

  4. I love makeup reviews! I'm doing one on Wednesday :) I'm definitely going to check out the MAC highlighter - I've been using the YSL touche eclat but it's sooo much money! I also want to try a cream blush.. NARS has the best blushes!

  5. Mac Satin Taupe is one of my all time fave Mac products :)

  6. I love your blog

  7. I seriously need a makeup intervention, it's been SO long since I've branched out and bought something new that I don't even know what's out there anymore!

  8. Oh I love that Nars blush it would be perfect for the winter months. I don't change up too much the routine in the winter I just make sure to use super hydrating creams at night :-)

  9. Lancome Hypnose Doll lashes are the best! xx

  10. I want to try that mascara now - I usually only stick to my one kind from Sephora (Buxom), but I may have to get this!

  11. I might have to try that Clinique foundation... my skin has been getting very oily and none of my usual foundations and powders are working very well!

    Btw I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can find the questions here

    Lauren |

  12. I am allllll about moisturizing. I get so flakey in the winter. Yuck. :/


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