Perfect No Bake Cookies

My husband doesn't like chocolate and peanut butter. Which is completely insane to anyone who hears this and I have to agree. I personally believe there are few better combinations-- I prefer peppermint & chocolate together-- but I love a good chocolate & peanut butter mixture.

No bake cookies were something of a staple in my family growing up. They are terribly easy but tricky at the same time. I remember making them once and having them actually turn out...if you've ever made them you'll know what I mean.

All these delicious cookies require is sugar, milk, oatmeal, peanut butter, cocoa powder, and peanut butter. (Vanilla is also listed but I didn't have any so mine were made without.) I'll be honest I was slightly grossed out by the two cups of sugar as I poured it into the sauce pan but as soon as it mixed and melted with the butter, milk, and cocoa powder it looked far less bad for me.

To whip these up you melt the butter, milk, cocoa powder, and sugar until it comes to a boil for ONE MINUTE. I think each recipe differs on this part-- but it can make or break the cookies and you can so easily end up with a runny mess & cookies that never harden.

I made sure I had my peanut butter and oatmeal ready to go in. I had my wax paper prepped and then I waited for the mixture to boil...I decided to check my phone for a quick second and then got distracted with a few text messages and before I know it I looked at the stove and the mixture was BOILING! A LOT! I panicked because I had no idea how long it had been boiling for so I turned it down slightly and left it on for another 20-30 seconds to be on the safe side.

I scooped in about half a container of peanut butter and just kept adding oatmeal until it looked thick enough-- I probably didn't end up doing a full three cups though. I spooned them onto the wax paper and I waited....and it was a miracle because they hardened! And were perfect and delicious!

Back to that whole thing about my husband not liking chocolate and peanut butter-- I figured eating 20 no bake cookies wouldn't be in my best interest (and I definitely would eat all of them!), So if you read my thankful Thursday post from last week you'll know I had him take them into work with him so I wouldn't be tempted.

I'll definitely use this same recipe again and recommend you try it out if you're in need of a quick and easy cookie recipe! Something about the oatmeal, peanut butter, and chocolate is SO good!


  1. Your husband is CRAZY! :) You can send some of those cookies over to me! My family has a peanut butter special K no bake recipe that I've been wanting to make and after seeing this, I'm definitely making them this weekend!

  2. What is wrong with your husband ;) Best combo ever! Those look so good, and love the way you packaged them.

  3. My hubby and daughter made them over the Christmas holidays.

  4. My boyfriend is allergic to chocolate so I definitely feel your pain, to some extent. Haha.


  5. I'm not a big chocolate person PERIOD... but mixed with peanut butter??? I mean... who doesn't like chocolate and peanut butter?! Was this NOT a red flag when he asked you to marry him?! ;P

  6. They look sooo good! I need to cut down on eating chocolate but maybe I'll put that on hold until after I try these- yum!


  7. I LOVE no bake cookies but have been too terrified to ever make them myself. I guess I'll have to try your recipe sometime.

  8. My boyfriend is a peanut butter and chocolate junkie, so I'll have to keep these in the back burner for a rainy day (or for when I want him to do something for me :P ).

    jess | Quaintrelle

  9. I've never made these, I'll have to try! I'm sure my first batch won't turn out :)

  10. Such a great easy recipe! My husband definietly loves both chocolate and peanut butter :)


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