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Reading Roundup 3 | 2021

I was on such a reading kick in January that I briefly entertained the idea of upping my reading goal for the year (which I never do), but then February happened and I couldn't focus on anything and I was grateful I decided not to change it. Linking up with  Steph  &  Jana .   This Close to Okay  | I loved the writing, I even really liked the characters, but it felt so unrealistic to me at times that I often got distracted.  Tallie stops a man from jumping off a bridge and the book follows their weekend of being together.  You get a dual narrative and I liked how deep you can see into their thoughts, even though there's a lot you don't find out until the very end. I liked it, but I didn't love it as much as I was expecting, though I feel like it was more of a timing situation because I just couldn't focus on anything. I also feel the need to add that I had to read this in my overdrive app instead of kindle and it was a huge pain-- the line spacing was weird and

Reading Roundup 2 | 2021

Three books to share this month and apparently this is the month I write super long recaps. Sharing these reviews with   Steph   &   Jana .  Black Buck  | I think I first saw  Tina  mention this on Instagram and I immediately loved the cover and thought it sounded really interesting even though I wasn’t sure I’d be into the satire/dark humor. This is a hard one to review because it was intense and exhausting and made me uncomfortable (which I think is the point?), but I also gave it 4 stars. Darren is an early-20s Black man living his life with his mom, girlfriend, and other lifelong friends working as a manager at Starbucks. One day he's recruited by the CEO of a big startup and from there it goes on and explores a lot looking at racism, white privilege, stereotypes, the lack of BIPOC individuals in sales and startups. I do want to note this is not an easy book to read— one review I read compared it to being slapped in the face when you finish & I quite agree.  *Thank you

January in Review

Greetings from the end of January. I was going to say this was a pretty uneventful, cold winter month, but how could I forget the insurrection at the Capitol or the inauguration?  Maybe it was just a long month.  UBAM  had a huge release for new book titles , which is a fun time in my own little world and I loved getting to put together a few book lists for friends.  In other news, I think we finally found a meal planning system that works well for us-- it's very simple and basic, but it has made food way less stressful. I also started taking a few extra seconds to unsubscribe to emails that I would normally just delete over and over again. I muted a bunch of stories on Instagram from larger accounts that were constantly posting a million polls. They're fun and sometimes interesting but I realized it's really not a good use of my time & this way I can still see their feed content I enjoy.  Mason was really into arts and crafts this month-- mainly the  stained glass colo

Early(ish) 2021 New Releases

New year, new books, even though this post is a little bit belated. These are a few of the early(ish) 2021 new releases I’m excited to read. These are mostly just my quick reactions, but links take you to Goodreads for the synopsis.  The Drowning Kind  | Horror/supernatural themes are generally not my go-to, but I have loved all of Jennifer McMahon's other books & always look forward to her new releases.  The Last Thing He Told Me  | This is suspense/thriller but I'll be honest, this synopsis sounds a bit wild. I really enjoyed  Eight Hundred Grapes, so I’m hopeful.   Island Queen  | Cindy mentioned this in one of her recent posts and the Monsserat setting totally hooked me, but this book is almost 600 pages.  How the One Arm Sister Sweeps Her House | A debut by another Carribbean author that sounds really good.  People We Meet on Vacation  | I don't tend to read a lot of romance, though I have been dabbling more into contemporaries... really just hoping I love this as

Reading Roundup 1 | 2021

  I ended last year with some really good books and am starting this year with some equally great books, which is always exciting. Linking up with Steph & Jana .   Punching the Air  | This is told in verse form from the perspective of a Black teenager who is wrongly accused of a crime; beginning with his trial through his time spent in prison. Zoboi wrote it with Yusef Salaam (of the exonerated five); and the main character, Amal, was inspired by his story and also included some of his poetry. I thought about this  a lot  after I finished it and highly recommend.  A Good Marriage  | This domestic thriller was a wild time. There was so much going on, sometimes maybe too much, but it kept me on the edge of my seat and I was so anxious to find out what was going to happen. There was one small part that I suspected early on, and was maybe a little obvious, but other than that the ending was twisty and interesting.  Front Desk  | I absolutely loved this middle-grade story about 10-year

Hey, 2021.

I've been thinking a lot about something our pastor said at a Christmas Eve service a few years ago-- some people will have really great years, others will have really hard years, but most of us will just have normal, regular years. I think 2020 might be the exception where more people had really hard years, while some still had great years & other normal years. I'm an anxious person by nature, so while I want to be optimistic about 2021, I can't help the lingering feeling of,  what if it's not better?   What if it's even harder?  Even so, I'm hopeful, and maybe cautiously optimistic? I think it's weird, because regardless of what happens things will never be the same again-- I was just starting to get into a groove of having 2 kids when the pandemic began, and whenever this is over, I'll have two toddlers (or maybe even a preschooler & a toddler).  I'm not really making resolutions or goals because we are still very much in survival mode, b