Recently Read | october 2018

Merry October! I got back on a bit of a reading roll (finally!!) and I really liked almost all of these books! Linking up with Steph & Jana for show us your books.

American Street| This was a NBA finalist for young people's literature last year and I'm so happy I finally got around to reading it. It's about a teenager from Haiti who comes to the United States with her mom to meet up with her Aunt and cousins in Detroit. Her mom gets detained once they land in New York so the story follows Fabiola and her life in Detroit with her cousins as she tries to figure out if/when she'll be reunited with her mom & just life in general in a new country.

I would definitely give this 5 stars for giving me all the feels-- first the relationship with her mother, then her relationship with Kasim even though I feel like it was rushed and I would have loved to read more about the buildup. I definitely felt like certain things were breezed over and at times it felt less character …

Carly Reads Here | Summer 2018

I had every intention of posting this last month because August really feels like the end of summer despite it still feeling like 100 degrees outside, but we were 5 or 6 weeks deep in the four month sleep regression, so I pushed it back another month so I could finish a few more books. I kept starting things that I was enjoying, but then I'd be too tired to read and they would need to go back to the library before I had a chance to finish them. Also, if you read my post from last week you'll know I started watching Parks & Rec, which consumed most of my free time. As always, excited to linkup with Steph & Jana and see what everyone has been reading!

What's New | sept 2018

Nap time around here is finally lasting more than 20 minutes most of the time, so I took some time to write a quick post to linkup with Kristen and share a few random things. affiliate links are used in this post, earning me a small commission for clicks & purchases. TY♥

The One With All the Target Finds

Happy Friday! I don't think I have ever been so happy to see the weekend. I'm hoping we'll finally get two days of nice weather because it feels like that hasn't happened at all this year, but rain is in the forecast once again. In my last post I mentioned the Target sandals I've been loving, but I've had really good luck with everything at Target lately-- specifically their Universal Thread line. I haven't really shopped for clothes in over a year and post-pregnancy I'm not used to things fitting, so it was a nice treat to really like everything I'm sharing in this post. affiliate links are used in this post, earning me a small commission for clicks & purchases. TY♥

Recent Finds & Favorites

Happy Monday! I've had a list of things accumulating over the past few months that I wanted to talk about on the blog, so here's a random assortment of some things I've been loving. affiliate links are used throughout this post- i earn a tiny commission for clicks & purchases. 

Carly Reads Here | Spring 2018

So happy to dust off the blog and linkup for Show Us Your Books. Just a few books in this post because having a baby(!!!) shifted my free time just a bit ;) Mason is just over two months and he is the light of our lives and the sweetest baby. At some point if I get back into blogging at all I might do some baby/mom type updates, but for now I'm so happy to be talking about books again.

LOVE HATE & OTHER FILTERS | I don't remember where I heard about this book (prob bookriot), but I recommended it to our library at some point, so when they purchased the title it automatically went on my hold list and was a pleasant surprise. It's a YA fiction/romance about an Indian-American Muslim teen getting ready to go to college and her relationship with two boys, her parents, and her experiences with racism.

STILL ME|  This didn't quite have the same magic as Me Before You, which is one of my favorite books, but I still really loved reading this and it even pulled at my heartst…

Carly Reads Here | Winter 2018

Does anyone else get a little panicked when the first book they read for the year ends up being one they didn't really like? To be fair, I hadn't been in the biggest mood to read when I started it, so that could have something to do with it, but I really expected to like The Wife Between Us a lot more (my thoughts below). Thankfully I fell into more of a reading groove and ending up reading more than I expected, and a few things I really enjoyed.

THE WIFE BETWEEN US| I had such high hopes for this book (the marketing kind of reminded me of Behind Her Eyes, as it claims it's the next blockbuster novel of suspense & to get ready for the read of your life), but was left so underwhelmed. There's a pretty big twist revealed towards the beginning of the book that I figured out (which never happens), so that fell flat for me. The suspense does eventually pick up, but between there being way too many side storylines, and the lack of surprise with the first twist, I just was…