Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia

Jo Malone is a brand I've heard about for ages but had never really had much interest in as I was happy with my typical fragrances you can find at sephora or a regular department store. However, a while back I saw Emily's post on the English Pear & Freesia scent & knew I had to try it. I'm obsessed with anything and everything pear and I love floral scents so it sounded perfect.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I was in NYC with my husband so we popped in the Jo Malone store so I could sample some of the fragrances & this was just as good as I imagined! Although I also really liked the Orange Blossom!

The English Pear & Freesia is described as:
"Inspired by a walk in an orchard, secluded within a walled garden, discover an evocative fragrance of delicate contrasts: the crisp skin of the pear against the succulent juiciness beneath...the clarity of the season's first mists, meeting and melding with the warmth of golden, dappled sunshine." 

I wish you could smell it through the computer because it smells amazing!

This was a Christmas gift from my husband and the little set comes with the 1 oz cologne, a hand cream, and a hand & body wash. I really can't express how amazing it smells and you can tell it's a luxury fragrance by how long the scent lasts-- only one or two spritz is enough to last the day!

What fragrances do you love? Did you get any new ones over the holiday?

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  1. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never heard of this brand! But I really wish I could smell it through the computer because you make it sound so yummy!

  2. Ohh it sounds amazing! I think I need some Jo Malone in my life very soon!

    Jennie xo |

  3. I'm not a big perfume wearer but I've smelled some of Jo Malone's fragrances and they are amazing! Never the pear one but I can only imagine. Yummm

  4. I've heard awesome things about Jo Malone, now I want to smell them!!

  5. I've never heard of this brand, but now, I'm so intrigued!

  6. I love all things Jo Malone! This one looks amazing :)

  7. So exciting! Jo Malone seems like such a luxe brand to me, I have no idea why. The scents sound lovely. :)

  8. LOVE joe malone! i think my fave is the nectarine blossom & honey.. although i've used some of the pear soap and lotion and i love that scent too. :)


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